Community Growth and Development

  • Environmental Friendly Markham
  • Build eco-friendly playgrounds for kids, dog parks, hiking and bike trails and other recreational areas
  • Continue to add to our green space and natural habitats
  • Ensure Markham is included in any new transit planning
  • Improve access to public transportation for our growing community in Markham

Building Affordable Living Opportunities 

  • Encourage multi-use flexible housing
  • Encourage the development of multi-generational housing

Markham As A Learning Community 

  • Continue to promote learning with more resources through our libraries and other community facilities 
  • Promote our Post-Secondary Campus in Markham.


Community Safety 

  • Road Safety Awareness
  • Enhance a Walk to School program

Economic Growth & Jobs 

  • Make Markham attractive to business and attract more headquarters
  • Enhance Markham’s business hub
  • Continue to build out Markham’s infrastructure
  • Maintain Markham’s reasonable municipal tax rate