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Public Board Trustee, Area 3: Allan Tam

Contact info:

• Phone: 289-818-3101

• Email: [email protected]

• Website:

• Twitter: @Voteallantam

• Facebook: voteallantam


Allan is pursing an MBA degree and is working as a business executive for a billion dollar IT company, He helps lead a youth ministry at church outside of work. As a parent of three, he and his is wife Brenda have a strong connection to the public school system.

Top 3 issues:

1. Equity and inclusivity:

Equity and inclusivity are foundational to a healthy school, community and civil society. The associated values and concepts are fundamental to adopt and instill in our schools and in our students, especially in such a complex and culturally diverse school board. We will make our schools more inclusive and equitable. 

2. Healthy schools:

Healthy schools are essential for students to reach their full potential. Mental health is a growing concern in schools, communities and families across Ontario and here in York Region. We will create a sustainable plan to provide a safe and healthy environment for our students. 

3. Student Success:

There is a growing concern for our Math curriculum and large class sizes for our students. We will establish a strong early learning foundation and continuously improve student achievement in targeted areas. We will Increase professional development and technological resources for our teachers. Action plan to increase graduation plan.

What makes your an effective representative?

Allan has been a trustee who served YRDSB for the last 4 years and is chairperson of the budget, equity and audit committees as well as two other committees. I am committed to getting things done for our community. I will continue to work hard and to work with all level of government to advocating for the students in our community.