About Trustee Allan Tam

Chair_Trustee_Tam.jpgOver the past 4 years as an elected York Region District School Board Trustee in Markham, Allan Tam has worked tirelessly for his constituents. Between building an array of new schools, creating learning and working environments where everyone feels safe, welcomed and respected, focusing on character education, developing strong and talented leaders; and working with other levels of government to to keep education high on the list of government priorities.

Allan have served as your public school Trustee, supporting four consecutive balanced budgets that brought in change to better strengthen our school system. More funding for programs to support newcomers, special education, and professional development for teachers. Allan is elected Chair of Budget committee,York Region District School Board approved a balanced 2014-2015 budget with a total of $1.3B. It is focused on student achievement and well-being, the delivery of effective and sustainable educational programs and the effective stewardship of Board resources.

Born in Hong Kong and raised in Toronto. Allan has learned in British education system, catholic education system and Public education system. Allan gained most of his insight from different public school systems in Canada through The Ontario Public School Boards' Association Annual General Meeting and Canadian School Boards Association's Congress.

Allan has a deep commitment to serve in his community.  He is an active Christian serving in a Children and Youth Ministry, and an active member of Businessmen Fellowship. Respectful of all religions, Allan is driven by love and the will to serve the people. As a community leader, he serves people from different backgrounds. He says “With love, I can always be spot on and serve the neighbours.

Fresh out of undergraduate school, Allan embarked on a career in the field of computer technology. He gained a keen business insight and in-depth knowledge of business administration in the private sector. Allan is confident he can oversee the largest employer in the region with over 15,000 staff members. Allan and Brenda are raising their 3 children in Markham, where they attend local public schools. Allan had served as a School Council prior to being elected as a Trustee. He has passion for children’s education.

Trustee Allan Tam Family

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