Hi! I am Allan.

Trusted leader for Markham-Stouffville. 

I believe that people are the power of government. I seek to create a province for every Ontarian, leading people to a better quality of life. 


Allan Tam believes that people are the power of the government. That is why he is seeking the Ontario PC candidacy for Markham and Stouffville.

Allan migrated to Canada in 1990 with his family where he was raised with strong family values, the importance of hard work, financial stewardship, education, and to seek new opportunities. He has been an IT Sales Executive for the past 20 years.

He was elected as the School Trustee of the York Region District School Board in 2010 when his children entered school to be involved more in board-wide policy and educational strategy; more specifically, to help parents better understand the Ontario Education system, and to improve efficiency and handling of the budget. In his 6 years with the YRDSB, he has co-chaired several committees, balanced the budget, given input to math strategies, established three new schools in the district, and a new high school in 2017. He has helped improve communication between the Board and the School Council and provided parents opportunities for input regarding the Health and Physical curriculum. He is currently the Budget Committee Chair.

His experience has laid the foundation for effective future leadership. With six years of experience at YRSDB, he understands the concerns of parents when it comes to education and the improvement needs of the Provincial Education system. With his expertise in the Technology sector, he wants to support young entrepreneurs for new high tech business. He has brought cost-effective governance to YRSDB, which is what he’d like to see brought to Ontario.

Allan is a strong believer in Ontario’s politics and true democracy, where all people have a say on direction and policy, no matter the race, gender, education, or age.

People truly are the power of the government. 






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